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The Penwith Peninsular
Penzance, South Cornwall

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Penzance Harbour
St Ives

The Penwith Peninsular is the toe shaped promontory of land situated at the most westerly point of both the county of Cornwall and the country of England. An extremely popular visitor destination most well known for Land's End, and also containing stunning headlands, beaches and windswept moors.

At Land's End there are dramatic cliffs and wonderful sea views including rocks and reefs such as the Irish Lady, Dr Johnson's Head and the Armed Knight as well as the well known Longships lighthouse a mile and a half out to sea. On a clear day you can see the Isles of Scilly. You can have your photograph taken at the famous signpost showing distances to John O'Groats, New York and the hometown of your choice. Close by is the Land's End Experience amusement park with various exhibitions and exibits.

The major towns in the area are temperate Penzance, which enjoys the shelter of Mount's Bay as well as being the seat of local government, and the steeply built town of St Ives, once a centre of the local fishing industry but now a bustling seaside resort.

In mid to late June Penzance holds the Golowan festival which features fireworks, diverse music and entertainment culminating in Mazey Day with its parades and music and dance events, defintley something not to miss out on.

St Ives was always popular with artists due to its lovely landscapes, plentiful light and peace and quiet. This has led to the town now boasting many galleries including the Mariners...


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