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The Lizard
Falmouth, South Cornwall

Details for The Lizard

The Lizard peninsula in southern Cornwall forms the most southerly point of the British mainland. The dramatic and rugged coastline is a unique place where the diverse wildlife and stunning scenery takes your breath away. The rocky headland rises up from the crashing waves in stark contrast to the tranquil, flower swathed cliff tops where a vast number of wild and rare plants, birds and flora can be found from early spring through to the end of summer.

The Lizard lighthouse dominates the landscape and stands protectively above as a steady stream of fishing boats ferry to and fro from the picturesque harbours along the coast. Surrounded by small inlets and hidden coves, wonderful golden beaches and well trodden cliff paths this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is one of the most visited and unspoiled areas of Britain.

Wildlife flourishes here and from the cliff tops seals, porpoise and basking sharks can sometimes be seen gracing the temperate blue waters just off shore. Cornish Choughs inhabit the cliffs and nest happily amongst the numerous species of sea birds, making an ideal place for bird watchers to come and observe their comings and goings.

This historic area is the subject of many a smugglers tale and legend, a number of which have been well documented. Church Cove and Kennack Cove are sites where it is believed that great treasures were buried or lost at sea by buccaneers after their ships were wrecked and both attract bounty hunters to this day. The surrounding sea beds are littered with the remains of shipwrecks and make perfect locations for divers and explorers. The local cliffs contain serpentine stone, a deep green mineral which was particularly favoured for its...


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