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Rame Peninsula
Plymouth, North Cornwall

Details for Rame Peninsula

The Rame Peninsula is often referred to as the Forgotten Corner of Cornwall as it remains just as stunning and unspoiled as it has always been. The Tamar Bridge or the chain ferry from Plymouth takes car passengers and visitors across to this breathtaking south eastern peninsula. There are also several passenger ferries and boat trips which take foot passengers from the mainland to the headland to explore some of the most stunning and largely undiscovered beaches.

Visitors to the area will find an amazing and diverse collection of wildlife. The unspoiled natural habitat and mild climate supports many species of sea birds, small mammals and plants. It is a birdwatchers paradise with breathtaking views from the rocky cliff top foot paths down to the golden stretches of sand below. There are many picturesque villages hidden all around the coast within tranquil smugglers coves, tidal creeks or clustered around traditional historic harbours.The clear waters are a magnet for divers, snorkelers and swimmers, not to mention the water sports enthusiasts who have already begun to discover the wild beauty of this coast.

Rame Head lies to the east of Whitsand Bay and supports a nature reserve at Penlee Battery, which was once a Napoleonic fortress. The remains of the medieval St Michaels Chapel have now become an important area for birdwatching.

Fishing is a popular pastime, especially at Whitsand bay where the beaches are wide and rocky. There are a number of well directed fishing locations where all types of fishing are practised and advised upon by local fishermen. Sea Bass, Mackerel, Mullet and Cod are amongst the species brought in by the high tides and deep waters, the fishing is particularly good at early evening or first light. A number of companies run sea angling trips out along the bays.

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