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Lands End
Penzance, South Cornwall

Details for Lands End

Lands End lies at the southernmost tip of western England, where Cornwall meets the sea. The rugged and rocky coastline offers some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere in the country and has long been the subject of legends. The cliffs are teeming with birds and wildlife and support some rare species of flora and fauna in what is designated as an Important Plant Area. A wide variety of insects and small mammals make their homes amongst this stunning, natural environment.

Lands End is a well visited spot and is especially famous as the start, and the finish of the Lands End to John O'Groats walk. There is a well recognised sign post on the edge of the cliffs, overlooked by the historic Longships Lighthouse, which has stood just off the peninsula for hundreds of years and saved many a fisherman from running into the treacherous rocks below.

Lands End is also the location where the 2012 London Olympics torch was first brought into the UK from Athens to start its 70 day journey around the UK before arriving in London for the opening ceremony.

There are dozens of tales of shipwrecks and smuggling along this coast, which make up the fascinating folklore of the area and are well documented in the visitor centre. Along the granite cliffs there are numerous footpaths which lead down to small sandy beaches and secluded coves, often hidden by the tides and from where the wildlife can be observed in all its glory. A main path leads from Lands End, through to Sennen Cove and all the way up the coast to Penzance. Seals, dolphins and even basking sharks can be seen frolicking in the sea and the abundant bird life is perfect for bird watchers. The climate here is mild and plants and flowers flourish amongst the grassy cliff tops and sheltered coves, creating a haven for botanists.

The sea around Lands End is perfect for diving and there is fantastic marine life and numerous shipwrecks to be explored beneath the clean, clear...


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