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Bodmin Moor

Bodmin Moor is a mystical and remote expanse of rugged moorland which covers 80 square miles of north eastern Cornwall and forms the highest point of the area. The landscape is mainly comprised of rough heather covered granite hills, interspersed by dramatic tors, and deep river valleys with areas of marsh land and woodland. Brown Willy, Caradon Hill and Rough Tor dominate the landscape, which is also the source of several of the rivers which flow through Cornwall.

Bodmin Moor forms an important part of Cornwalls Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Bodmin Moor North has also been given the accolade as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The rivers provide a perfect habitat for numerous species of water birds, fish and even otters, with De Lank River and the River Camel being designated as Special Areas of Conservation. Dozmary Pool is a spectacular, natural glacial lake which is situated to the south of the moor and also supports a wealth of wildlife. Legend has it that this is the very lake where Excalibur was thrown to the Lady of the Lake in the time of King Arthur. There are three man made reservoirs which provide water for most of the county and also provide a home for fish and water fowl. Cattle, sheep and horses are kept on farms throughout this sparsely populated and desolate moor, they enjoy seasonal, lush grazing on the pastures that this poorly drained land provides. Visitors to the moor marvel at the wild moorland ponies which can be seen wandering majestically across the open heathland. 

Folklore or truth, the mysterious and legendary Beast of Bodmin is widely believed to roam the moor and tales of sightings of this black, panther like creature, together with sightings of the ghost of Charlotte Dymond, whose body was found here years after her murder, are often recounted by visitors and local villagers.

In prehistoric times and during the Bronze age Bodmin Moor was of great importance for...


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