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6th September 2016

Surf's up for this talented pooch.

Mango is a seven year old Labrador with a rather unique talent. Labradors are renowned for their love of water, but this one takes it to a whole new level. The water loving canine likes nothing better than to get amongst the waves on her surf board with her owner.

Mango's owner, Matt Slater noticed the Labrador had a love for water at a very young age. She was only two years old when he noticed that she was following him into the sea to try and join in with him on his surfboard, back in 2011.

Matt who is a Marine Biologist, said "Mango surfs regularly with me all around Cornwall." She first showed her enthusiasm for the water by swimming through the waves out to Matt on his board. Matt said "I soon recognised that I would need a board for the both of us."

Mango is not a one man dog, when it comes to surfing. She is more than happy to hit the waves alongside Matt's two children, Toby and Daisy.

After five years in the surf, Mango is now showing off her talent after footage of her tackling seven foot waves was released.

Matt added that he and Mango "probably go out twice a month on clean days. We only surf for up to half an hour, and then only if Mango is enjoying it."

The online footage of Mango is proving more and more popular every day. Currently the video has been viewed in excess of 70,000 times.

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