17th October 2015

Its Carnival Night in St Austell!

Carnivals are usually associated with either Rio De Janeiro or Notting hill but there is another one to add to your list, St Austell in Cornwall, whose residents know how to celebrate the onset of winter.

On the 14th of November 2015 the whole of St Austell becomes one big party, bands are playing everywhere, the residents will be displaying their talents on the many stalls selling a variety of local produce and crafts and with music and dance everywhere, the atmosphere should be electric.  The carnival attracts more and more people each year, in 2014 1,000 people attended.

Floats assemble late in the afternoon and make their way through the streets at 6pm and when the day turns into night the St Austell Torchlight Carnival procession is the highlight of the show, spectacular is a well-used phrase when people talk about the carnival.

St Austell became known throughout the world when "White Gold" was discovered, China Clay to be precise in the mid seventeenth century and is still exported abroad for use in the production of many types of products.

It's a great place to be as St Austell is a bustling market town, it is in the heart of Cornwall and it's not that far from the coast, this place really does have it all. There are many transport links to bring you to St Austell and parking facilities are also available.  St Austell is used to busy market days and happy holiday tourists and are well placed to carry off the Carnival.

When you need to sit and catch your breath, you can do so at the many café's, bars and restaurants that will all be in the Carnival spirit and just looking to entertain their guests.

We cannot avoid winter, therefore we should meet it with the gusto shown by St Austell, that way it may not seem quite so bad after all.