21st November 2017

Hitchhiking cat located 250 miles from Cornwall home

There was great news for the owner of Fudge the cat with a penchant for hitchhiking who has been located 250 miles away from his home in Newquay and has remarkably turned up in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

It is believed the friendly feline, who went missing six weeks earlier had jumped onto the back of a van, fell asleep and was transported to St Albans. Parisa Jenkins, the owner of Fudge launched an extensive search using local newspapers and social media in the hope that someone would recognise him. This proved invaluable as when he was spotted by a resident of Sandridge Road in the town, the gentleman realised that this might be Fudge and kept him safe in his garden and called Cats Protection St Albans. Angela Lipman their deputy co-ordinator took him along to Animalism vets in order for his microchip to be scanned. The vets confirmed that this was indeed the missing chocolate coloured kitty and he was housed by a foster carer until his owner was contacted. Angela stated that apart from looking a bit on the thin side Fudge seemed fine and was friendly with the staff. She also said that it shows how important it is for cats to be microchipped in order to reunite owners with missing pets.

Parisa received the good news about Fudge being located on her 40th birthday during which she had enjoyed a great day before getting the phone call which memorably topped off the day. She expressed thanks to all the people who hade helped spread the word about Fudge's unplanned six week holiday and the staff and members of public who found him.