29th July 2015

Good Times Ahead for Penzance Dry Dock

Established in 1834 the Penzance Dry Dock has seen good times and bad, it was saved from Administration by the Isles if Scilly Steamship Group in 2009 when they acquired the lease for the docks.  The dock gives employment to fifteen people who provide a range of services from ship repair, welding and fabrication and not only for the Marine Industry.  The Dry Dock has won a large order in connection with the rebuilding of the Penzance Jubilee Pool.

The Docks are the oldest in the UK and like most things that have been around a few years, it is in need of a bit of restoration therefore the Dry Docks are due to get a face lift. The sides and roof will be coated with a steel sheet which has been protected with a high spec Plastisol, the recladding is expected to take about two to three months.  This has been possible with a £200,000 investment by the Isle of Scilly Steamship Group.  The site will of course require scaffolding and this contract has been won by a local Penzance company, JDB are the other contractor engaged to do the cladding.  As the docks are obviously on the waterfront, the appearance of the Dry Dock will improve as will the working conditions for the employees.  This investment is of course great news for the local economy and gives further proof of the Steamship Groups commitment to keeping the Isle of Scilly linked with the mainland.

The investment is a lot more than just a new façade for the Dry Dock, it provides the building blocks for their business to continue to thrive amongst the ship building and civil engineering industry.  Everyone benefits from the corner shop to employees themselves.  Like the Phoenix, Penzance Dry Docks are on the rise.