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16th December 2013

Keeping a close eye on the birds in Cornwall!

West country residents concern for local birdlife has prompted the RSPB to enlist their help in conducting a bird watch survey during January. The Big Garden Birdwatch will take place during the weekend of the 25th and 26th January and bird numbers and species will be counted and monitored for just an hour by each participant.

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30th September 2013

It's all systems go for Hayles new Fire Station!

The town of Hayle is celebrating the end of a 20 year campaign to get its very own Police, Fire and Ambulance Station after planning permission has finally been granted for work to begin. The state of the art emergency services station is expected to cost in the region of one million pounds and work is due to be completed by the end of next year.

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20th June 2013

A true blue resident for Newquay Aquarium!

The aquarium in Newquay has adopted a stranded blue jellyfish which was found in a rock pool at Trevone Bay recently. This species is normally only found around in the Pacific ocean by Japan or the cold water around the Scottish coast. It is a unique sight in Cornwall which is sure to attract numerous curious visitors.

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30th April 2013

Put on your dancing shoes for Helston Flora Day!

Helston is all set to welcome in the Spring with a traditional day of festivity and floral dancing which will take place on May 8th, when the merriment begins at 7.00am. The colourful annual event will run through to 11.00pm and is expected to attract thousands of visitors to the town.    

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26th March 2013

Full steam ahead for Trevithick Day!

Camborne in Cornwall is set to come alive once again on April 27th for the annual celebratory Trevithick Day festival. In recognition of the groundbreaking inventor Richard Trevithick, an expert engineer who changed the face of mining way back in the 1800’s, Camborne hosts a colourful and lively festival which takes over the town.

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1st March 2013

Art for art's sake - Newquay nails the festival!

This years Art8 Festival is set to take place once again in Newquay this year. During the week of 11th - 18th April the town will be buzzing with a wonderful mix of art forms which will kick off with a collection of events including live music, art workshops and theatre. Visitors can't fail to find something to suit and organisers are confident that it will once again be a roaring success.

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31st January 2013

Blue was the colour for Truro back in Miss Thomas's day!

A rare letter posted to a firm of solicitors in Helston, Truro and carrying the penny red stamp has been found in a set of archives stored by the Tyacke family. Luckily for the family and rarer still is the franking marking which was printed in blue rather than the standard black ink of the day.

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2nd January 2013

Discover fascinating Cornwalls Tallys An Tir!

Myths, legends and folklore mixed with true life stories and amazing history combine to make Cornwall what it truly is - a place of wonder and fascination for locals, visitors and artists alike. There are endless folk just bursting to recount their own versions of events, hearsay and beliefs which keep recipients glued to their bar seats.

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