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Review below a selection of questions most frequently asked by our clients together with answers to help you with your advertising decisions:

Advertising with Stayin On-line Guides

Advertising Charges

Creating an Advert

Adding Photographs

Managing Your Adverts


Advertising with Stayin On-line Guides

Q Why advertise with Stayin?

Our web sites are:

  • Dedicated to specific Northern England geographic regions (your region)
  • Highly ranked in all major search engines
  • Visited by in excess of 75,000 users per month!!
  • User friendly with 'state of the art' advert search facilities
  • Complete with easy to use availability/booking enquiry forms

We offer:

  • A friendly personal service
  • Quick turn-around times
  • Superb value for money
  • Free advertising advice
Q What regions are covered by Stayin?

Stayin web sites cover:

Q What is included?

Depending on the level of advertising selected, the following is included:

  • Preferential search placing at the top of the results
  • Up to 750 words of text
  • Special Offers Facility
  • Link to your own web site
  • Up to 10 photographs in your own photo gallery
  • Location Map and Directions
  • Comprehensive Amenities Page
  • Optional Availability Calendar - which you can also use on your own web site
  • Optional Rates Page
  • Your own account area - so you can create/edit/update your own advert & photographs
  • Advertising statistics 

Click the 'Advertise with Us' tab for further details.

Q How do I get started?

There are two routes to advertising with Stayin:

  1. Click 'Advertise with us' and purchase and create your own advert on-line immediately.
  2. Contact Stayin and we will create your advert for you
Q How long does it take for my advert to become live on your website?

That depends on whether you create the advert yourself, or ask Stayin to do it for you.

If you have the required minimum information to hand, and sign-up on-line, you can then create your advert and publish it on-line immediately yourself.


If you require Stayin to create your advert, then we usually try to turn it around in a maximum of 2 working days.

Q How do I know if my advertising is working?

You need to monitor the results and keep records as follows:

  • Ask all telephone callers exactly where they first found your business on-line
  • Keep records of all enquiries received
  • Monitor referrals (click throughs) to your own website from your Stayin advert
  • Monitor the number of times your advert is viewed

Advertising statistics can be found in your own account area - simply login to review them.

Q Are Stayin Web Sites easy to use?

Yes Stayin web sites are very easy to use. Our current web sites have been designed and specified by us based on over 5 years experience of on-line accommodation and tourism advertising. We have focused on 2 areas of usability:

For Your customers (on-line surfers):

  • Easy to browse and search to find relevant adverts.
  • Easy to use enquiry forms
  • Advert shortlist facility and easy to use 'send all' enquiry form
  • Email your advert to a friend facility

For You (our customers):

  • Your own client area
  • Create/edit your own adverts
  • Upload your own photographs
  • Availability calendar
  • Rates tab
  • On-line chat help facility
Q Is there any small print?

Yes - it is a necessary part of modern business in the UK, and it is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understood it, please click Terms & Conditions for further information.

Q Will I be guaranteed results?

Due to the nature of the Internet and that Stayin Ltd do not control the major search engines, it is not possible to guarantee results. The search engines are continually making changes to the way they operate and the search results they deliver, and hence there will inevitably be peaks and troughs. However we carry out SEO on an ongoing basis to keep our websites as high in the search results as possible at all times, and thus maximise the traffic to our websites and to your advertising. 

Another effect on your results is the level of advertising you choose to take out with us, and if you select any of our additional 'Extra Marketing', options (accommodation only). Results via the Internet are directly linked to the level of exposure, and the more exposure you choose the better your results will be.

Other factors that can affect results are the type of property you are advertising, and where your property is located. For example a cottage for 2 in a remote location that doesnt permit children or dogs will receive fewer enquiries than a large cottage that is child and pet friendly and located near to one of the popular tourist locations.

You will also maximise your results if you ensure that your adverts are up-to-date, contain all relevant key information (eg availability, prices, amenities), and a full set of high quality large format photographs.

A further step you can take to maximise your results is to make full and regular use of the free special offers facility available with your accommodation advertising (Premium and Premium Plus only). Posting a special offer on your advert, also automatically places it into our dedicated special offers section which many users click on first when looking for accommodation.

To-date we have hundreds of very satisfied clients and you can see what some of them have had to say by reading our Testimonials.

Advertising Charges

Q How much do you charge?

For accommodation, tourist business and food & drink establishments there are three levels of adverts available:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Premium Plus

The prices for each, and what is included can be found by clicking the relevant advertising tab above.

We also offer a range of high profile extra marketing opportunities. Click 'Extra Marketing' above for further information.

Please give us a call if you would like to chat through the options or have any other queries - we are always pleased to help.

Q Do Stayin offer free trials?

No sorry we do not offer free trials.

We have put an enormous amount of effort and money into creating our user friendly web sites, and ensuring they are positioned at the top of the search engines. We are very confident that you will get a positive result from your advert with Stayin. We will also continue to do all we can to ensure you do.

We think it only fair that your part of the partnership is to pay for your advertising on our highly successful web sites.

Q Are multiple advert discounts available?

Yes, multiple adverts discounts are available. This includes:

  • Multiple adverts on the same website
  • Mutiple adverts across more than one web site
  • Premium Plus adverts combined with High Profile Extra Marketing options

Please contact us to discuss the options.

Q Can I pay extra to be listed at the top of the search results?

Yes - our Premium Plus adverts are preferentially displayed at the top of default search results.

Standard and Premium adverts display below Premium Plus adverts and are randomly presented for each user/page impression. So these adverts change position/page each time a summary results page is viewed. The software does this automatically to make it fair for everybody, Stayin cannot alter these results.

Q Do you offer any additional high profile advertising on your web sites to increase my on-line exposure?

Yes, there are two ways of increasing your exposure.

  1. The Premium Plus adverts are given preferential positioning at the top of all default search results.
  2. We also offer a range of high profile extra marketing opportunities that increase the exposure of your advert in targeted ways. For further details click the 'Extra Marketing' tab above.

Please note the above options have limited availability and are allocated on a first come first served basis. We operate a waiting list when a particular category is currently sold out.

Give us a call if you wish to discuss the options further - we are always pleased to help.

Q How do I pay?

We accept:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Cheques
  • Paypal
  • BACS Transfer

On-line payment facilities are available, if you are buying and creating the advert yourself online. Alternatively we can send an invoice.

Q Do I need to pay VAT?

No, Stayin do not charge VAT.

Creating an Advert

Q Can I create my advert myself?

Yes, our web sites include the facility for you to pay online and create your own adverts yourself.

Q Will you set up my advert for me?

Yes, just give us a call and we will sort out getting your advert online for you. We will then provide you with your login details and you can edit/update the advert yourself in the future if you wish.

Q I have more than one property, can I advertise them both/all on one advert?

In some circumstances this is possible, however we have some strict provisos:

  1. The properties are all owned and operated by you.
  2. Your properties are all at the same postcode - otherwise various features of the advert (eg map, search) do not work.
  3. Your Properties are all adjacent to each other. e.g. converted stable blocks.
  4. Your properties are all of the same type - ie all cottages. We do not recommend putting mixed types (ie B&B and cottage) on the same advert, as this complicates the way the web site works and reduces your on-line exposure.
  5. If you have your own web site, all the properties are on the same web site.
  6. You must seek the approval of Stayin Ltd before including additional properties on the same advert.
  7. Private log cabins and/or lodges are excluded.
  8. Agencies are excluded - please ring to discuss your requirements.

Advert levels:

  • Standard Advert - maximum 2 properties*
  • Premium Advert - maximum 5 properties*
  • Premium Plus Advert - 6 to 10 properties*

* Applies to the number of applicable properties actually at the desiganted location.

Remember that each separate advert you have increases your on-line profile and therefore the chance of your adverts being seen by online users, resulting in a higher number of enquiries being sent to you.

In addition if you have more than one advert, they are all linked together on stayin web sites, so that a summary of each additional advert appears at the bottom of the one currently being viewed. This way users see all your adverts on one page, and are encouraged to click through.

Please note: we do offer multiple advert discounts (excludes log cabins), please contact us for further details .

Q Can my advert appear on more than one Stayin website?

Yes, absolutely, and that is a very effective way of increasing your on-line exposure. This is particularly suitable for businesses that are positioned between the regions we cover and wish to attract clients for both areas.

We offer discounts to display the same advert on more than one web site, please contact us for further details.

Q What is the minimum information required before my advert can be activated?

The absolute minimum is:

  • Advert title
  • Postcode
  • Sub-title
  • Description
  • Main advertising category (eg hotel, cottage, bistro, fun park)
  • One photograph
Q My village, town, region is not listed - what should I do?

Just continue to create your advert, and when you have finished just let us us know what is missing and we will sort it out for you.


Q Can I copy text and/or photographs from other adverts/web sites?

Well that depends:

  1. All text and photographs are subject to copyright.
  2. If the text and/or photographs do not belong to you, then unless you have the owners express permission (we suggest in writing), then you should not copy it.
  3. If the text and/or photographs are on your own web site/advert then in theory yes, it should be ok, but please note that in some circumstances, even if you have paid a third party to create text and/or photographs for you, then unless you have it in writing, the copyright may still belong to the original creator.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any text and/or photographs uploaded to our web sites are copyright free, or you have the necessary permissions from the original creator for re-use.

Q Can I have a link from my Stayin advert to my own web site?

Our websites have been designed to maximise direct enquiries rather than website 'click-throughs', however Premium adverts and Premium Plus adverts do have the facility to add a link to your own web site directly on the contacts tab.

If you use this facility, we strongly recommend that you have a facility on your own web site to monitor referral 'click-throughs', from the Stayin web site to your own web site. This is the only true way to know how effective your advert is.

There are numerous free systems available, such as 'Google Analytics' and 'Stat Counter', and your web designer will put this in place for you. Please contact us if you would like any further advice and/or information.

We also offer a high profile Reciprocal Link facility, where the link on the contacts tab is removed and replaced by a high profile banner linked to your website,. This is totally free provided that you:

  1. Confirm that you have a referral 'click-through' statistical monitoring system in place (see above), and will use it.
  2. Provide a return link (first) from your website to Stayin Ltd. - using details supplied by Stayin Ltd., and on a page with a PR >= 1.

The high profile link will have the effect of reducing direct enquiries using the Stayin enquiry form, and increasing click throughs to your own website.

Please note: we do not permit website links and/or email addresses to be displayed within text areas or the Special Offers section.

Q Do I need to use email?

Although it is possible to advertise on Stayin web sites without using email, we strongly recommend that you do use it for two reasons:

  1. Our web sites include numerous enquiry forms including one on your advert (if you use email). Without email you will not be able to receive enquiries from these forms and will be missing out on a considerable number of booking opportunities.
  2. In this global internet based world, there is an ever increasing trend to use email, and many of your potential clients, especially the younger generation will only communicate via email.
Q Can I include my accreditations and awards?

We have made provision within the advert standard format to include the following types of accreditation's:

  1. AA Diamonds
  2. Enjoy England Quality Roses


The above can be selected from a drop down menu when creating your advert including the relevant star rating. The appropriate logo will be automatically displayed on your advert typically as follows:

Other accreditations can be included as text (only), in the details and/or sub-title sections of your advert.

Q Can my advert go in more than one main accommodation advertising category?

Yes of course, we encourage you to place your advert in as many relevant main accommodation advertising categories as is practical. However we must stress that any category must be relevant to your property/business.

There are some restrictions, eg we do not allow Wooden Chalets and/or Log Cabins to be placed in the Holiday Cottages category. This is reserved for properties built of brick and/or stone. Likewise, we do not allow holiday cottages to be placed in the log cabins section.

If in any doubt please contact Stayin, we will be pleased to help.

Q Can my advert go into more than one speciality accommodation advertising category?

Yes, it is particularly important that your advert goes into as many relevant speciality categories as possible, up to a maximum of 8 per advert.

Stayin reserve the right to remove adverts from non relevant categories.

Q Is there anything I should not include on my advert?

You can put just about anything you want on your advert providing you are sure it is correct, legal and complies with our editorial guidelines.

Please note:

  1. You are responsible for the content of your advert at all times!
  2. Content that does not comply with our editorial guidelines will be removed without notice.
  3. We do not permit material of any nature that advertises our competitors.
  4. We do not permit website links and/or email addresses to be placed anywhere on adverts except in the designated locations.
  5. Our full editorial guidelines are displayed in the edit advert area after you have logged on.


Adding Photographs

Q How do I upload photographs to my advert?

The basic procedure is:

  1. Ensure you have your photographs in electronic format on your computer
  2. Login to your account
  3. Select 'View/Edit Adverts'
  4. Select the advert you wish to update
  5. Select 'View/Edit Images'
  6. Select the upload/edit/remove your photographs and captions option
  7. You can then re-organise the display sequence by selecting 'Re-order Images' from the previous menu

Please note that photographs number 1 and 2 will appear automatically on the main page of your advert, and photograph number 1 will appear automatically on your high profile Extra Marketing advertising.

Give us a call if you need any help.

Q What if I dont have my photographs on my computer?

You can send them to us via post on CD/DVD or a USB stick, and we will upload them for you.

Q How many photographs can I have on my advert?

Allowances are as follows:

  1. Standard - 5 photographs
  2. Premium - 10 photographs
  3. Premium Plus - 10 photographs
Q What format and size should my photographs be?


  1. Up to 1 MB file size maximum
  2. In jpg, gif or png format
  3. Preferably 431 x 326 pixels or larger*
  4. Ideally to a size ratio of approximately 4:3 (but not essential)**

* this is the ideal for your photographs to display at their best, smaller photographs will still upload and display

**when you upload your images you will be asked to crop them, using the crop tool provided, to form the thumbnails and the images for the 'details' page, and this will use the ratio of approximately 4:3.

Q Can I change my photographs or add more at a later date?

Yes, you can edit/delete/upload new photographs at any time.

Q What photographs should I include in my advert?

The choice is yours, however we recommend the following as a minimum:


  1. 1 of the outside - front view
  2. 1 of the gardens/patio
  3. 1 or 2 bedrooms
  4. 1 kitchen/dining
  5. 1 lounge
  6. 1 bathroom/shower
  7. Local views


Tourist/Food & Drink

  1. 1 or 2 of the outside
  2. 2 general shots
  3. Include any special features
  4. Shop areas
  5. Eating/dining areas
  6. Sitting out areas

Remember, the photographs are one of the main parts of your 'shop window' therefore it is important to ensure they are correct, are of especially high quality and a decent size.

You must avoid poor quality, small and/or out of focus photographs. A camera with a minimum of 6 megapixels should be used.


Q Do Stayin offer a photography service?

Yes - but this is at additional cost. Please contact us for further details.

Q Do Stayin provide 360 degree virual tours?

Yes - we offer a 360 degree virtual tour service, where we come to your premises and take the 360 photographs, create the tours and host them on our servers. Click '360 Tours' for further details.

Managing Your Adverts

Q How do I make changes to my advert once it has been activated?

There are two alternatives:

  1. Simply log in to your account area and make the changes yourself.
  2. Advise us of the changes you require and we will update the advert for you

If you want us to change your photographs then please email new jpg format files to Preferably the original unaltered files.

Q Can you help me decide how much to charge?

Stayin's business is providing on-line advertising only. We do not own or operate any tourism businesses of our own, and therefore have limited knowledge of such charge rates.

That said we will endevour to help if possible and/or try and point you in the direction of where you can find the information.

Give us a call and we will see what we can do to help.

Q How can I improve the performance of my advert?

You can consider the following:

  1. Upgrading to the next level of advertising
  2. Ensuring your photographs are of high quality and maximum size
  3. Ensuring your photographs positively portray all the areas of your business.
  4. Making sure you are clicked into all the appropriate advertising categories
  5. Making sure you are clicked into all the appropriate specialist advertising categories
  6. Ensuring the details you have included are comprehensive and clear
  7. Make use of the availability calendar
  8. Make use of the rates tab

In addition:

  1. Increasing your online profile with a high profile extra marketing advert. Including a 360 virtual tour of your property/business
  2. Using the special offers facility


Q How do I know how much interest my advert is getting?


  • Log-in to your control panel and review your advertising statistics
  • Every enquiry sent to you includes your advert statistics


  • If you have a link to your own web site, ensure you have a referral monitoring system to see how many referrals you are getting from Stayin to your own web site
Q Can I exchange my current property for a new one?

In certain circumstances this may be possible, there will be a small admin charge, please contact Stayin for help and advice.

Q What if I enter my account details incorrectly?

Simply login and edit them. Give us a call if you need help.

Q How often do I need to update my Availability Calendar?

Well ideally every time anything changes such as a new booking, booking alteration or cancellation, but short of that at least once per week.

Don't forget your Stayin Calendar can be used on your own web site or on your other advertising, so that you only have to edit it in one place to update all locations.

Q How do I create and publish a special offer?

Simply login to your account, select 'View/Edit Adverts', select your advert and then select 'View/Edit Offers'.

You can then create/edit your special offer, please remember to activate it and click 'Update'. Please do not include weblinks and/or email addresses.

Your special offer will stay on-line for a maximum of one month and then you will receive an email and be asked to revalidate/edit your offer.

Q Will Stayin be Involved in managing my adverts?

Yes, we are constantly checking the adverts on our websites to ensure that the quality is of an adequate standard, compliance with our editorial guidelines and also to ensure maximum impact with both search engines and users.

On occasions we will need to make changes to your adverts in response to improvements we have made to our website software and/or changes made by the major search engines.

We reserve the right to make any changes deemed necessary to your adverts without notification.


Q What happens if I forget my login password?

Go to the log-in page and simply click 'Forgot Your Password', enter your email address and then click 'Send'. A new password will be emailed to you, and you can then login and reset your password to a phrase of your choice. If you are still having problems, please contact us.

Q What happens if I forget my user ID?

Please contact Stayin and we will remind you of your existing one or issue you with a new one.

Q Why am I not receiving my enquiries?

In the first instance you should check your junk and/or spam folder to make sure they are not ending up there.

If that doesn't solve the problem then fill in an enquiry on your advert and send it to yourself to see if arrives.

If you are still having a problem it is likely to be that you have entered your email address on your advert incorrectly. Log-in to your account and check it is correct on your adverts. If not please change it and try sending yourself a test enquiry again.

It is possible your email account is not working. you can test this by sending yourself an email from your own account. You will need to contact your service provider to resolve any issues with your account.

If none of the above helps then contact us and we will try a test also to see if we can pinpoint the problem.

Q How do I avoid scams and recognise genuine enquiries?

Enquiries from Stayin websites will always arrive with full details of our business in the footer.

If you are worried that an enquiry is a scam you can login to your account and check that the particular enquiry is logged in the enquiries register in  your account. If it is not there then ignore the enquiry.

But in general anything that asks you to pay any money, or suggests that money will be paid to you via odd routes (and then claimed back), should be avoided.

Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly will be.

Q How do I get help?

You can contact Stayin at any time via email, telephone or on-line chat. Details are on the right of all our client area and advertising pages.

Alternatibvely please click Contact Us

We are always pleased to help wherever we can.

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